Wilmington Boat Services Trailer Repair


Boating in salty water is extremely corrosive to boat trailers. For safety reasons, it is essential that you keep your trailer in top condition. The last thing you need is your trailer failing on your way to the water.

We use special jacks that allow us to lift your boat off of its trailer, allowing us to access the entire trailer. We will put your boat on stands and pull your trailer out to make the necessary repairs. The jacks allow us to perform all of the necessary tasks to get your boat in ship shape. Don’t bother with the hassle of hitching your boat up and towing it to the shop. We will come to you.



We will perform all the necessary tasks at your house or storage site.

We do the following trailer repairs:

  • Bunk replacement
  • Hub replacement
  • Hub bearing replacement
  • Hub regreasing
  • Tire replacement or servicing
  • Wiring
  • Spring and axle replacement

Please call us for a quote. 910-795-8547